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    Our Latest Upcoming Course /workshop "Life Coaching & Stress Counseling Diploma"

    Date : 11 13 18 20 25 27 / 7 to 9 pm via zoom 


    Become a Certified Life Coach & Stress Counselor!

    Only 3 Spots Left. 

    Do you aspire to help others and make a real impact?  

    This is your opportunity to earn a double diploma in Coaching and Counseling,

    blending the best of both worlds! Certified From :


    CMA (Complementary medical association of U.K) 

    Dates: each tuesday and thursday for 3 weeks, online via zoom :

    11 13 18 20 25 27 / 7 to 9 pm


    Why just be a life coach when you can specialize in stress reduction?


    In today’s fast-paced world, stress management skills are more valuable than ever.
    Our unique program teaches you powerful techniques like:


    EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
    EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
    Time Line Therapy
    NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
    Breathing Techniques
    Basic Nutrition for Brain Health

    Tai Chi 


    What You’ll Receive: 


    -Comprehensive training in coaching and stress reduction.

    -5 PDF books filled with essential knowledge

    -Specially composed relaxing music by Jad Mehanna


    -Ready to embark on this life-changing journey?


    Secure your spot now!

    -Contact: 81 460 586 (WhatsApp) for more details , 35% discount if paid before friday.


    Visit: jadmehannacoaching.com
    More Info: iapdacademy.mystrikingly.com


    Jad Mehanna

    Psychologist | Mentor | Coach

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  • Welcome to Our Academy

    Back in 2005, my road for healing started. Although exploring the human psyche was fascinating , but I decided to dive into the realm of professional development through psychology, coaching, mentoring, by also using eastern arts such as Tai Chi, Basic eastern movement philosophy, and Studying the body through nutrition and holistic health

    I have Been there, and I tasted the good and bad of physical, mental and spiritual pain & Growth

    'Dr Jad Mehanna'

    Forward to 2022, after consulting hundred of clients, teaching many worldwide how to become coaches, practitioners, and doing plenty of workshops with colleagues ;


    I decided to Create my own School I.A.P.D

    Certified by C.M.A

    (International association for professional development)

    Click here---> My academy


    Most Courses are held by attendance and some will be held via Zoom


    Some of Our courses

    1-Life & Stress Coaching


    3-Spiritual Coaching

    4-Music Therapy

    5-Drama Therapy

    plenty of courses coming soon... :)

  • Our Courses

    Check our Courses and sign in via our form below or by contacting +961 81 460 586 /+961 3 743648

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    Life & Stress Coaching Diploma

    What Will You Learn?

    Enhance your life by equipping yourself with the tools to coach yourself and others, either formally or informally. Through studying the Life Coaching Diploma Course, you will learn the tools and techniques employed by life coaches to empower yourself and others to reach and exceed personal and professional goals.


    To coach others, you need to understand yourself and how people learn and think. This course guides you through these areas by helping you to examine yourself and to understand learning itself, and the importance of these skills within the context of coaching. You’ll explore various learning styles and key theories about learning and be presented with exercises in self-inquiry that will help you to discover your preferred learning style, your values and beliefs, emotional intelligence, and diversity.

    Through studying the course, you will master the 5 cores skills that are essential to being an effective Life Coach. You will learn:

    1. How to establish a good coaching relationship with clients and create an environment conducive to understanding them and helping them to reach their goals.
    2. Effective listening skills and how to understand body language.
    3. Effective questioning skills and strategies that will help you to identify client goals and needs.
    4. How to keep your client on track with goals by managing and supporting the changes they are making.
    5. The importance of reflection in the transformative process of coaching and how you can use this yourself (as a coach or as an individual), with clients, and during coaching sessions.
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    Stress Reduction Diploma

    We all suffer from stress and anxiety at times in our lives. For some, this is a fleeting condition that comes and goes with particular life events for others it is a daily struggle whose affects can be debilitating and hard to overcome; building up until even usually insignificant things can seem impossible to get through. No matter how often you feel the affects of stress and how powerfully, stress is a state of mind, which, left unchecked, can quickly turn into a physical condition.


    This stress management course along with the above (life coaching) eases you into the subject by answering the simple question, ‘What is Anxiety?’. From this introduction, you’ll be able to identify the symptoms and causes of anxiety disorders, understand the tests used to form a diagnosis, differentiate between anxiety and fear, and learn how common anxiety disorders are. You’ll also discover the various types of anxiety, as you learn about social anxiety, specific phobias, OCD, PTSD, and Panic Disorder.


    Along with specific therapies and remedies, the course explores how making changes to our daily lives can help in combatting anxiety. We look at exercise and diet - how these affect anxiety and best practices for their use in anxiety management - and other lifestyle considerations, such as sleep, spending time in nature, having a support network, and addressing time management. You’ll also explore the use of relaxation exercises as tools in anxiety management – as you learn about creative writing and journaling, breathing exercises and guided visualizations

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    NLP Neuro-linguistic programming Practitioner Diploma

    Would you like to change your mind? Not on a decision you’ve made, per se, but in the way you think - your mindset. Learning and applying the skills and techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can help you to. You can change your outlook on life through the use of words, and retrain the way you perceive things. You can even set up guideposts to a more successful, purposeful future that you direct and control. The NLP Practitioner Course provides the knowledge you need to gain control over your mind and your life.


    The NLP Practitioner Course begins by guiding you through the mind. You’ll consider your current beliefs and subconscious drives. You'll learn how your thought patterns and habits form, and how short-term and long-term memory works. You’ll identify how your thinking may be flawed and how to get unstuck. You'll familiarize yourself with NLP assumptions and internal representations - what they are and why they’re relevant. And then you'll learn about Identifying Schemas and Cognitive Distortions and how they may apply to us.


    The hold that negative self-talk can have over the mind will become apparent during the introductory modules. We look at the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to reframe negative conditioning. From there, you'll see the similarities and differences between CBT and NLP, cognitive restructuring and the idea of automatic negative thoughts, and the theory behind Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.


    You’ll learn about the three primary representational systems in NLP - visual, auditory and kinesthetic (the VAK model). The course shows how these affect our choices and how you can work with them, along with how to use the "screen of the mind" technique to visualize a new life.


    We’ll look into filters and perceptions and how these work to remove, distort and generalize the information we absorb. The focus will be on NLP Meta Programs. You'll then gain an understanding of the Logical Levels Pyramid, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and how to use chunking as a tool.


    You’ll rewrite your past and envision your future with NLP timelines. Through the NLP Practitioner Course, you’ll work with timelines, and understand perceptual positions and goal setting. You'll be aware of how to set SMART goals, and be able to change your personal history with timelines.


    Rapport is the quality of harmony, mutual acceptance and recognition. You’ll explore the importance of building rapport, the four stages of a counselling relationship. Empathetic listening and questioning techniques will be covered too. We also look at how to use stories as a therapeutic tool, the concept of creating metaphors, Gestalt Therapy, and the 12 States of Attention.


    Behavioral modelling involves literally modelling someone’s behaviour. Studying the NLP Practitioner Course, you’ll gain an understanding of how to model successful people. You'll learn how to move from dream to realization, and about modelling techniques for weight loss, personal success and better health.

    NLP Anchors are stimuli that call forth states of mind as well as thoughts and emotions. You’ll learn how to install and use these through a 5-step process and how to use post-hypnotic suggestions.


    Behaviors are at the root of everything we do. You’ll learn how to use the New Behaviour Generator to develop a new mindset. You’ll become familiar with using the Circle of Excellence as a tool for accelerating personal and professional growth. Then, there's the Fast Phobia Cure and Parts therapy for internal conflict. You’ll also learn the primary motivation behind patterns of behaviour and how to overcome procrastination.

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    Dr. Jad Mehanna BIO

    Coach, Mentor, Therapist, Composer

    Ph.D. philosophy

    Ph.D. psychology



    Jad Mehanna, Mentor, Holistic health practitioner

    Life, Stress ,Transformational and Spiritual coach.

    Health & STRESS Reduction Coach

    Studied Coaching since 2008, particularly Stress Management, Holistic Coaching, Transformational and spiritual coaching, combined with Nutrition and body therapies.

    Hold a Ph.D. in psychology and philosophy


    "Once you learn to reach the root of your being, all blockages and stress will vanish" ~Jad M.

    Accomplished musician, since year 2000, also studied Music therapy.

    My Mission in Life is to helps you connect to who you truly are. I work with you to change/re-direct/navigate your life, uncover your desires, take steps towards your goals, achieve your dreams, bust limiting beliefs, and remove roadblocks.

    Life & Stress Coaching

    Holistic health Practitioner and Stress coach,

    Within these fields, i can help you tremendously and professionally in :


    (Anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, mental health issues..chronic pain related to stress..)

    Trust me My program has More depth than any other, cause i have been there! and i target through my expertise all your basic concerns (anxiety, stress, depression, nutrition, pain, etc..) And targets holistically/naturally all your stress issues) (except extreme personality disorders)

    In the first session i will asses your body nutrients, i may refer you to an MD for a blood test, or asses your overall state through a questionnaire, which will provide me also with your brain hormones functioning (serotonin, dopamine, gaba, and other important neuro-transmitters)
    -I will listen to your needs, mental and emotional issues, then we can start your health trip through 5 to 10 session, depending on your case
    by using CBT, Stress Coaching, EFT, NLP, time line therapy, EMDR, and many other techniques"
    Or even using different coaching modalities

    The root cause can resides in your body, or mind, or your negative beliefs, and thought patterns.

    "when Body , Mind, and Soul are aligned, healing will take place!"



    Jad Mehanna Bio

    Certified Holistic health practitioner (C.M.A)
    Nutrition Consultant

    Transformational coach

    Spiritual teacher
    CBT therapist

    Stress management Coach



    Sacro- Cranial Therapist
    Trigger Point Therapist
    Body movement for Healing
    Music Therapist (healing with Music)



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